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The Secret to a Winning Strategic Board Agenda

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An effective agenda for your board meetings sets the tone. It will ensure that your members are engaged in productive discussions and taking decisions. It also allows for the sharing of new ideas and perspectives. The secret to a successful board agenda is more than an agenda. It requires a certain amount of https://freshboardroom.com/how-to-run-a-board-meeting/ art, skill, and discipline.

When you design your strategic board agenda be sure to set time limits for each item. This will prevent meetings from going over schedule and ensure that crucial issues are properly addressed. It’s also important to prioritize and balance the amount of strategic issues that are long-term in nature with reports and other business items. It is better to focus on the strategic discussion and put the reports until the end of the agenda, so that your board can focus on the most important issues facing the business.

Consider bringing in a neutral facilitator or board member to assist with the strategic planning process. The person you choose to involve can offer a fresh perspective to the discussion and assist your board adopt a strategic approach to making decisions.

Distribute the agenda, as well as any other relevant documents to your board members prior to the meeting. This gives them a chance to review the materials ahead of time and come prepared with ideas for the meeting.

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