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How to Conduct a Board Self-Assessment

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Self-Assessment of the Board is an essential board function that offers a useful platform to discuss and analyze governance strengths and weaknesses. The board can make use of it to look at its own performance and assess its own effectiveness. This will lead to better governance.

Making a board assessment effective process requires planning, time and involvement of the board members. The first step is determining the scope of the evaluation. It could be the entire board, committees or directors individually. A good plan should also identify the method used to evaluate. Common methods include surveys, interviews, or facilitated discussions. Once the scope of the evaluation as well as the method used have been decided it’s time to create and distribute questionnaires.

Some boards opt to conduct the assessment on their own while others employ an outside consultant. A third-party consultant can ensure a thorough and objective analysis, which is particularly crucial when your board doesn’t have the time or resources to conduct the assessment on their own.

While it is crucial for board members to review themselves, it’s equally important for boards of nonprofit organizations to look at the group novalauncherprime.pro as a whole. It is easy for nonprofit boards and their evaluation facilitators to become absorbed in evaluating individuals’ responses and not take the time to evaluate the board in its entirety.

A successful self-assessment is able to help boards clarify their expectations of each other, reveal deficiencies in board composition and align the expertise of board members with organizational strategy and address concerns of investors about diversity and turnover, and boost the effectiveness of their procedures and practices. In their proxy statements, public companies disclose the results of their board’s evaluations.

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